Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missed Photo Ops Are For the Birds

Fished down river on the Platte today. Fishing was decent with several nice fish to net. The birding, however, was epic and me out there without my Nikon and long lens.
I saw a Red Tail Hawk cup his wings and hover perfectly still  in the wind, talons outstretched, head down, looking for prey. A flock of Mountain Bluebirds were chirping up a storm and taking turns drinking riverside while the rest of the flock kept a sharp eye out for danger. A mated pair of Mergansers kept swimming around me hoping I'd catch a small fish that they might steal. And finally, a White Faced Ibis was wading along the bank in the shallows doing the San Juan shuffle and scooping up the bugs as fast as he could.
How do you balance the extra weight of being prepared for all contingencies that you feel passionate about and being fleet of foot and able to leap small bushes in a single bound?

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