Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Misunderstandings in History

Got Caddis?

 God saw that there was great wickedness on Earth and overcrowded fishing on all parts of the South Platte, so God took favor on the righteous fly chucker Noah and took pity on him. 
And God said to Noah, “Go fish the Ark.” But Noah, being hard of hearing, and having left his ram’s horn hearing aid on his tying desk, thought God said, “Go finish an Ark.”
Seeing Noah building the Ark God just shook his head and sighed. And God, having a great sense of humor, saw that he could get a great laugh, the likes of which he hadn’t had since Lot's wife said, “Hold my beer and watch this,” just let Noah go ahead and continue building the Ark.
And God said (in a whisper), “Tie up two kinds of caddis for they are food for the trouts.” But again Noah thought he said, “Take up two kinds of creature and food for them.”
Just as Noah finished the Ark a great runoff came off the snow packed mountains and high off color water filled the Ark, and forced the fishes to the seams along the banks.
But luckily Noah had his Ark, albeit crowded to the gunnels with critters, and he was ready for the high water. Noah, knowing a good thing when he saw it, got out his 5wt and fished the length of the Ark, navigated the Royal Gorge rapids, and landed hundreds of fish on San Juan worms, Wooley Buggers and Stoneflies he had tied.
After a year of floating down the Ark, the Ark came to rest in what we now know as Canon City. (note: back in those days, a year went by in the swish of a rainbows tail).
And God, having had a great laugh at Noah’s expense, decided that for ever more, before the runoff begins each spring, there would be an epic hatch of caddis for future anglers to enjoy on The Ark.
And that my friends is how the spring caddis hatch and river running came to be on the Arkansas River.
 Tight lines my friends and "Go fish the Ark."

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