Friday, May 13, 2011

Fished 11 Mile Canyon Today

Went to the Canyon today. The weather was great, about 60* and NO WIND!!!!! The place was mobbed. Every spot you could pull over had at least one car in it. I got there early enough that I got a good spot on the river and before I knew it I was surrounded by Hole Jumpers and Water Slappers. I left my camera on the front seat of my car and wasn't about to go back and lose my spot, so no pics.
Fishing was excellent for the low flow (57cfs). Netted at least 2 doz and lost a few too. Got my first cheap slam of the season, a cutty, a brown, a load of bows, and a sucker.  :P
Fish were taking JuJu Beatis, KF Emergers, Stalcup's Beatis, and got one on a caddis larva. Tried some dries on some random risers but no luck there.

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  1. Pics or it didn't happen! haha. Too bad it was so crowded but great you got in to so many!