Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning In The Garden

Woke up this morning with time to kill, since I have to wait for the plumber to get here to replace my dead water heater. But, as they say, that’s another story.

I walked around the front yard checking my various flower beds to see what’s blooming and budding and getting an idea of how much longer it will be before color starts to really take off and brighten up the yard.

Most of the flowers are another week or more away from blooming, but a few Columbines, Blue Flax and Lupine are blooming and last night the first of the Poppies bloomed. There was barely any wind this morning, which in and of itself is a rare blessing, and the light was pretty nice, so I got out the camera and went to town on the new born poppies.

Before bursting into a giant flame orange blossom poppies start out as a bug eye looking furry bud. 
And then BAM, blossoms of fire.

The rest of the garden is off to a slow colorful start. This small bed under the little Aspen tree is always the first to start showing signs of spring color. Soon the Penstemon will be blooming with their long stems of pink trumpet like blooms.

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