Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fished a very special secret spot yesterday

Got a chance to fish a secret off limits to the public piece of water yesterday. These fish see very little pressure and will take almost anything that resembles a bug. I was tossing a hopper dropper rig all day, Amy's Ant #10 on top and a #12 ptail dropped. What a treat throwing something bigger than a #20 fly. Also threw big streamers and got into a bunch of fish on those.
Got more fish than I could count all in the 14-18" range.
I was eye balling this one fish that was about a 16"er who was eye balling my drift, when it suddenly took off like a shot away from my flies. Just then this giant head comes up and snatches my hopper. Holy shiite Batman that's a big fish. It was a  beast of a brown that took off like a rocket when hooked and took me into my backing in about 2 seconds. I took off down river in hot pursuit and proceeded to trip and fall in the river. Kept the rod up and had pressure on the fish the whole time until he launched into a 4 foot horizontal leap and snapped my tippet. He was easily 24". Arrrrrrgghhh!!!!!

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