Monday, June 27, 2011

First Hike to a High Lake this Season

A couple friends and I hiked into a favorite high lake yesterday to fish and get the first high lake hike of the season under our belts. We accomplished the hike and wet some streamers, but the fishing ? not so much.

Winds were brutal and unrelenting, gusting to 35 mph at least. We got blown out and bagged it at around 10:30.

There was a lot of chop on the water and when we first arrived Kyle and Jon each thought they saw a fish. (fishful thinking?) There is very little ice left on the lakes and with the winds I'm sure the last of it will be gone by today. There is, however, very little shoreline accessible due to snow shelves down to and into the lake. We just missed seeing a large chunk of snow shelf (about 150 feet) sluff off and drop into the water. We did see the wave it created roll across the lake. This served as a good reminder not to walk out onto the snow shelf if you don't want to wind up cold and soaked or worse, dead.
Imagine your wading on the edge of that snow shelf when it collapsed. You'd be pinned from behind face down, unable to move or get up. Game over, you lose.

Temps were around high 60's but the wind chill was around mid to upper 30's and was enough to make your hands and face cold and your nose to run.

After about 15 minutes of fruitless streamer chucking and getting hit hard in the back of my head by a cone head woolly bugger (it didn't stick), I just put the rod down and moved around taking pictures.

Just as we finished breaking down and putting on our packs Jon saw a fish swimming off shore. Then as we got down around the lower lake the wind stopped dead. Total calm. Then a few small gusts. Then some breeze, not too bad. We thought about going back up but...nah. The winds did pick up again by the time we reached the parking lot, we ate some Sammies and hit the road.

Jon wanted me to shoot some pictures of him with his Deuter pack so he would have some shots for the blog he is writing for them. He is accumulating a massive bag of swag from these companies.  Grin  More power to ya kid.
Jon modeling the Deuter Future Pro 42 red/gray/black backpack, shown here with optional fly fishing accoutrements.


  1. if the fishing was bad, that still looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing and great pictures!

  2. Thanks Dustin. It was a blast, even without catching any fish.

  3. I used to fish a lot of high mountain lakes in white clouds and island park in Idaho. We would go on 5 day 20 mile hikes and have the time of my life

  4. It was a great day even though we didn't catch any fish! And those pictures are awesome as usual Bob! We'll get 'em next time for sure, haha.

  5. Except for the wind it was a great start to the high country fishing season. So many lakes so little time.

  6. The great thing about high country fishing is, even if you don't catch a thing, the view is spectacular, and is always worth the day spent out!

  7. That's some gospel right there Erin.

  8. Incredible looking pictures! Can't wait to get back up to the High country again myself.